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Comic books and original comic art for sale.

      Welcome to my pop culture paradise.  From comics to SF to art this is the place for obscure fantasy material in high grade at reasonable prices!  I offer quality product  and great low prices.  You'll be dealing with one live human and not a robot when you choose to do business with me! 

    Thanks for visiting.  I offer philosophy, comics, art, spirituality, meditation, comic strips, articles, web design, web page creation & hosting and more.  Be sure to visit all 1000 pages of Graphic Illusion as well. 


Spider-man Comics For Sale click

Please inquire about my 50,000 hand chosen high grade back issue comic books.  Contact me  now if interested in acquiring them (one or all)!  Issued between 1940 and 1996!  

You can purchase one comic or all.  Click links  to see the oldest and rarest comics individually.  Visit the main core most updated site now:

And as silly as it sounds I'll buy your old vintage collectibles, comics, junk, antiques, memorabilia, properties, original art, 1940's-1970's comics and other stuff, inquire.  

     For old Spider-man comics click link above.             

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 SALE:  Ten Old Spider-man type Comics for $35.00 + $5.00 shipping, now available.  Order today.  High Grade, all different.          Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!        Email me then PayPal me.      

Feel free to send me your want lists for old back issues of Spider-man and X-men Comics.

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Uncanny X-men

Comic Book Collection

1960's -- 1970's John Byrne

 1000's of different rare X-men issues are on hand! 

email me

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 OLD NM/Mint X-men Comic Books!

Ten (10) random different X-men back issue

HIGH GRADE comics -- all different. For  $70.00 

(I only have really good ones in pristine grade-able shape).  

 Sale Now 11/2009

My sales never end...good until deleted!


Feel free to email me anytime!


If you have questions or to order fast call me!

     TELEPHONE (email me first -- I'm on Skype -- this is a computer telephone -- computer must be on

(541) 359-3674) -- leave a detailed message of what you want to buy or have for sale!  I'll call you back.  Will ship within 1-3 weekdays.  Please use Paypal,  I accept checks and money orders too.


All 10 X-men comics are "Uncanny" -- that is, the rarest and oldest series -- the ones shops are most often sold out of !!!!  Interesting low priced old rare back issues from the most popular series of all time.


Need a Sample: For one random old Uncanny X-men ( (my choice) between issue #151 and #350 NM/M) -- an Uncanny X-men Comic in NM/Mint can be yours for just  $7.50 -- supplies are limited.  Much higher value!  1,000--3,000 +  copies of X-men and related Wolverine or X-men crossover's remain in my stock right now available for immediate sale in super high grade!  Shipping for one item is just $2.50.   Order with confidence.


Send $70.00 right now for 10 Old NM/Mint (grade is a big factor -- they come bagged and boarded) Forty Three years experience selling comics.  Uncanny X-men comics 4 sale 2 u now!  Includes bag and board.


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Buy my old story from 1982 or at least read it for FREE:  Hawkmistress

Need an article or art? 

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The   Philosopher   Is   In 

Eight Pages -- eight spiritual links to change -- Spirituality without dogma.  Life Changing possibilities.  (Random sites will appear here).


Sign up for the OnLine Workshop too * (inquire)!  These eight links precede that course and constitute a beginning.  FREE read.


Prepared to move beyond the polarity of this world? Click above to read.  Thank You.

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Fantastic Four 

Comic Book Collections for sale.

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Star Wars Comic Collection

For Sale.

High Grade!  1st prints; Marvel +

Multiple issues also included if you buy them all!                                    

Or  email me to buy these and other issues from me directly  singularly.  Thank You!

Click  link  (above) to see the deal.  Note I have a few original 1977 Star Wars Posters available too!  Please inquire.  

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Looking to create yourself a real website?     

Want attention to detail?

  $145.00 -- $400.00 Web Site

FREE in some cases ASK!

Need an inexpensive site?  Contact me now!

OR also available

 Full Service Web Site $1000.00 up   

For Business or your own Personal Website 

Please contact me today!  

  • Your web page or website can be of any size or length.  Any background can be used for your web page or web site (I'm happy to offer many free sample backgrounds).  And various "gifs" (special effects that move) are offered for free.  You choose the color & type.

  • In addition you'll get real free promotion and more at no additional charge.  (You'll be listed with major search engines).  The size of your web-page or site ought to be less than 1/3rd of the size of this page and focus on just one topic -- but it can be AS YOU WANT.   You can, if you choose, provide the words and photos or art and I'll edit, design, host and proof read it.  

  • I'll put your page on the web faster & for less money than most others.  And you will always get final approval of your project!  

Read my free article about the

Comic Book Industry pre-1997

Photos of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and others!

photo of phonto

Since I edit my sites only yearly) or even less often than that) please report missing photos, links, images.  Always refer to for the most current email, address, phone and website contact information.


I was going to try to change the world  but then I decided just  to change myself. -- RG


Steve  Fabian 


Steve Fabian flyer for Beyond Illusion


You can purchase a nice copy of this advertisement (flyer) (originally used for

 "Beyond Illusion"  

new age Books & Comicsfor just $15.00. The flyer became  an advertisement for my 1st comic book shop 1978).  Price about to go up!  Art by Steve Fabian!  Only about 200 were printed.

It was originally destined for Graphic Illusion magazine #2 (which was not released for 30 years). 

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


 George Barr 


Folio Collaboration


With pencils  by Jeff Jones, Tim Kirk, Alicia Austin, Wendi Pini and other other fantasy greats!


Eight Plates 8 1/2"  x 11" All exquisitely rendered

 (in ball point pen) by George Barr.


These originally appeared in Graphic Illusions #1 (Summer 1971)

 $10.00 Postpaid!

    Copy of Graphic Illusion #2: 

is $35.00 with extras (note no "s")  Low print run 


Back Cover of Graphic Illusions #1 

John Lennon

double_fantasy *

Unused, alternative

Album Cover


Full Color. 

Only three exist.  

I have one. 

Yoko has one.  

The album producer has one.

Email me for details.

Appraised by Sotheby's  in 1982.  Value has increased.


Click link above to view


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


Rob Gustaveson



Graphic Illusion Is Ninth Nebula the 

Electronic Comic Book Store!


  Graphic Illusion:  Original Comic Art Page 2

Click link to explore more of Graphic Illusion!   Visit page two for more comics & zines To buy, More Articles to read, groups to join, books, art, other sites +++.

For an original 1940's  Alex Raymond Flash Gordon Comic Strip  send $150.00 now to address on this page.  (Just above).  Postage paid!  Mailed in a tube.  An actual full comic newspaper comic strip that was issued during the early 1940's!  One with tattered borders on sale now just $50.00.  With great stuff on the other side.


  Free NM/MINT X-men #1 with any order.  Ask for it!  For any friend you refer who spends $10.00 or more you will receive an  additional comic for free too; ASK FOR IT. ($6.00 value).                                 


OLD & NEWER  disney_comic  books  for  sale   click to view


This page is dedicated to George Harrison.



This page is ęCopyright 2001, 2007 Rob Gustaveson Page designed by Rob Gustaveson

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Large Acrylic Painting

of Batman by Gustaveson

on Canvas $50.00


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


put it in the bowl


Bowl -- make offer, inquire.

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photo of phonto photo of phonto  

$20.00 each: (1 pure ounce of uncirculated NM/MINT Silver Bullion or 

Death of Superman 1st printing)

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 Visit My New Art Gallery  

Want a painting or drawing? 

Email me.



Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc. -- We trade too!



  Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc.    

Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc.  Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc. Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc.

Buy from me directly or I'm happy to list stuff on any auction site.

 Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc. Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc. 

if you want peace -- get it be it within yourself; 

and be pro-peace


remember the old peace symbol meant non nuclear proliferation

this new peace symbol starts with an

infinity symbol

it is not in opposition to anything

-- we are redefining peace in the 21st Century by establishing 

new signs & symbols to express unified vision of peace.




I am pro-Civil Liberties

Always think for yourself:

News-media -- Corporately owned

Government -- Corporately owned

Religion -- owned by man and corporations; 

live your own spirituality

let no one & nothing get between you and God 


(they can't really anyway).

See What the Bleep!,  the Secret, or a higher Path I know about.


NEW friction free energy!!!!



To place an order:

When placing a mail order please include your name, address, phone or email, postage ($2.60 for one comic or $6.00 for nine comics).  All orders are confirmed.  Mention the name of the item, condition, price, quantity etc.

Thanks a lot.  Email me for information anytime!

Include check or money order or use Paypal for credit card payments (fast, easy, safe)!  No negatives -- and 1000+ are unique positive feedbacks from different happy buyer's! I offer fast, protective, correctly graded, high quality, friendly, responsive service).   Thanks for reading this far, Sincerely yours, Rob Gustaveson. (my Email) If not paying via paypal please email me for my address.  I live on the entire West Coast.  (go here for most current phone, email, address etc.) 

 These pages will be the most up to date.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Again Thank You.

"I would not join an anti war movement since that adds fuel to war, 

but I'd support a peace movement Rally." -- Mother Teresa


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