Diary Around 1997:  
At the Seattle Folk Life Festival I went to the Tibetan Dalai Lama's Sand Painting Ceremony. There, individually colored sand formed a huge Mandala. Two monks brushed the sand mandala away in a spiral (it represented the 4 stages of existence back to its original state). Observers were asked to return the sand particles to a lake or place of nature--representing the impermanence of all things. (We were given some sand at the end of the ceremony.)
A child was crying and I wanted to comfort him with a kind word and hug but found myself immobilized. I did not want to be accused of child abuse (under 10 years old) . 
Societies fears were my own for an instant. But I know it is my responsibility to share with "society" where it is wrong to create such a stigma and for me not to buy into it.. 
Love is more powerful than fear. I stood there trying to send love to him, through my vehicles. To allow God's Divine Love to pass through me from a distance. Thousands of people were all around walking past us most ignoring his cries of sadness (I felt it would look bad to onlookers to offer him consolation since I was not his immediate parent or caretaker--and I did not know the whole situation. Had he just been reprimanded by his parent, should I intervene--my conscience said yes; society and conditioned fear said no). What if someone embraced my crying child. I wonder how I'd have reacted. Sad World or maybe its just my perception.
So in my meditation alignment I opened to Gods' Love asking for his Love to pass though me to the child. At that moment one of the Tibetan monks approached nearby looked at me while I was etherically embracing the child to give him some comfort. I wondered what he thought. Did he think I was the father who had spanked "his" kid. Or did he
know I was trying to comfort his child from afar.
Meditation takes us from the polarity of this world. "Love shall prevail"). We are all in (God's) creation. God is--at one level-- (always) beyond his creation ("Ain"--infinite Divine Father aspect). Yet we are never far from God--"He is the nearest of the near and Dearest of the Dear" as my Guru (teacher) Paramahansa Yogananda would say. (Ain Soph Aur means Holy Spirit or Divine Mother aspect). The field between Divine Mother and Divine Father means Christ Consciousness (the Son) (Your potential too!!!). (Ain Soph).
God is in our very cells and atoms and the space between. (Since all is a holotropic whole God is in the smallest particle and all of Creation--yet inexhaustible because he is: "The Father in which we live and move and have our very being." 
To me physical creation (all the stars in the sky and the Earth) is like God's finger nail. If God cut it off he would be unaffected by its absence. And could blink or grow it all back, if he chose, in a moment or an eternity.
My Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, is a saint--a true Master. And this enlightened being has helped to lead millions of people from the darkness of their own ignorance to the Light of their own Soul. "There is no distance in time and space." (Notice the internet where this Truth is even more evident now).
I have witnessed the miracle of Meditation &
experienced it first hand. I hope others will discover
true service to others in genuine Meditation.
Christhood is a possibility for all human beings. All must be brought to light. (Upwardly redeemed matter).
One can learn from past mistakes and choose not make them again. 
One can learn through Love rather than pain and suffering.

© Copyright 1997, 2001   By Rob Gustaveson

A Poem by
Rob Gustaveson

Sometimes Through A
Mask Of Words
Spirit Seeps
Like Dreams Of 
Cause And Being
Spirit Uncontained
Forever Remains
The Cause And Structure
Of All   
  By Rob Gustaveson

Meditation is potentially God contact. It is always beneficial. And the form I follow is possibly different from what you practice as Meditation. True Meditation is God contact--actually feeling his presence. Knowing he is real. And deeply surrendering to him. Yet using your concentration and will to remain open to him. And to be in
For this day and age it includes being open and receptive to "his will" with other groups of people. It means service projects done with the intent of His Will into form rather than ones separative little will brought forth into manifestation. It is to always be aligned with Divine Will and Divine Love and Divine Intelligence. And we are all part of the Divine Plan.
Meditation in a group effort to bring God's Will into form rather than Man's separative will into form may lead to God Contact. Meditation is to be practiced at least twice daily in solitude, also! Its not just about feeling good. Though bliss and ecstasy are joyful natural bi-products. When you "get it" come down from the mountain top and feed thirsty souls.  Thou art Soul ever connected to Spirit.
Remember and turn back towards Him. Meditate (listen, hear, be receptive, know, be still). Pray (talk to God in the language of your heart; ask rightly).
Thy will oh Lord in all things                                                  © Copyright 1997, 2001Rob Gustaveson
Disclaimer: The Dalai Lama is not my path but he has much to offer humanity.
Please do not believe me on any subject! In all things find out for yourselves what is so. Just remember a true teacher will help you tremendously since they discovered what works and really can help you on your path--possibly cutting down the number of times you must return to the Earth school. If you have a faith please live the heart of your Spiritual path 100%. 
Seekers are indeed finders. 
There are many wonderful paths. I respect them all. Best to follow just one path fully! This page contains 3  distinct paths. I recommend you just practice one spiritual path and don't get lost in New Age glamour! 
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The philosopher is in. (And inside you)!        Rob Gustaveson

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