Military oppression and suppression are the biggest problem in the world today.  

Civilian law must trump military law in all instances.  Those who aid and abet the former are the most corrupt people in power today.  I believe in American Sovereignty and Individual Sovereignty.

Lieberman the Independent of America cares about his special agenda of Israel more than America and should not be in office let alone in charge of homeland security.  Talk about conflict of interest.  He singularly, in my opinion, is causing the next holocaust.  During the Rove, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld (the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse) corporately controlled administration I actually felt myself fuming in anger most of the time.  

I could see how fake patriotism wrapped in a flag could unerringly infuriate many relatively innocent people and we all were indeed being hurt domestically by our own Government.  These people were causing terrorism at home and abroad with power manipulator  Lieberman aiding and abetting (among others -- most if not all lemming Republicans) all along the way.  

Did you know 90% of the Jewish people in America do not believe in what Israel does to Palestine.

Chris Dodd is trying to remove power from the Federal Government at a time when 50 % of the States in the US are horribly corrupt and confused by their ignorant narrow insane ideologies. 

The Clinton Administration is where I figured out we were in a recession / depression already when Bush was placed in office the first time.  So Clinton and Bush are the cause of the recession depression today.  And especially the greedy corrupt people behind them.  We need more Michael Moore's, Rachael Maddow's and Keith Oberman's & Ralph Nader's to balance the evil of the propagandist corporate media outlets.  Remember everything we read comes from a super rich guy from England.  The guy who owns UPI.  (United Press International).  

The Internet has already fallen to the level of inconsequential-ness due to Google's takeover of YouTube and whoever really owns Yahoo (guarantee it is a Republican, my opinion).  And it has been very bad for many of us for a long time...more than anyone has revealed in any news format.  America has been gutted.   At least Moore has documented what is so.  Things might have improved for everyone if the Kennedy's had not been assassinated.  Now we have Obama and 9 months or so after taking office I still feel some hope.  We are seeing who the villains are.  Now we the people must take charge.  Not we the rich corporations.  

For sure 911 was an inside job.  The facts are out there and cannot be suppressed.  If you look and listen and pay attention you can get them too.  We in America have so many mafias and institutions of lower learning that not much Truth makes it's way into over half the Country and most of our minds.  Rabble rousing news organizations like Clear Channel, Rupert Murdocks' Fox news and we know what is spewed forth from them and Religious-News and Military-News channels and CNN (now, sadly) isn't news at all.  But I bet the news in those so called red States is substantially different than the blue States get.  I think news is different in each state and this should be examined.  Of course the divide and conquer routine starts here.  But of course there are better ways for getting knowledge and truth.

Take away the Abortion issue and the same Sex marriage issues and we will see that both State types (red and blue) are closer than we think.  The issue of tax is a sham because the amount Republicans (and other Politicians) waste in war and weaponry is a crime against humanity).  But the people Obama is surrounded by means things won't change much.  

Republican Billionaire Texans and other maniacs are screaming.  But what is their end game?  They want to keep their wealth at the expense of us no matter what.  Democrats have now armed themselves.  Let it be known.

Perhaps security is not really wanted and needed in America.  One aphorism that I agree with is security is sterility .  Some say we live in a world of harmony through conflict.  But others say harmony can arise from harmony.  Let's look to see where we agree.  Why should super wealthy criminals be allowed to control hard working people?  They shouldn't.

No one is above the law.  We could examine the law here but that would take too long and we would not reach agreement.  However the thing is if we the people applies to all the people including the poor and middle class then our vote ought to count above think tanks, paid pundants, Texas billionaires etc.

As the "debate" which occurred in the House for health care reform we watched Republican's lie time and again even after being told the truth by the Democrats.  For it isn't about who is right in Congress it is about who has stolen the most money and wants to protect it.  Congress works for itself not the American People.  And now our Government is on the Globalization band wagon.  I think discussions and forums are superior to debating "my way is the only way" or "might makes right" or the "rich alone get to rule."  That isn't America.

Do not sacrifice civil liberties, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence for a little security.

The singular hope I can see are green technologies.  For jobs, sanity, empowerment and enough for all.

Every single Republican who voted against the passage of the Health care legislation ought to be out of office.  Get Lieberman out of office as this person does not care about America or you and I.  We the people are the  90% affected by his and the Bush administration's very bad decisions and greedy behavior (for themselves).  Is it true Cheney and Rumsfeld actually profited by war and now by the swine flu innoculation?  Either way for what they did faking 911 with the Military and the misuse or non use of other agencies they really all need to be tried.  Convicted.  Tossed in jail.  

I think it is time for us to stop raping the Earth.  Time for people to be in office who believe in a Peace Economy.

Time for single payer not for profit Health Care.  For America to be as good as we could be if the politicians would not be corrupt or on the take and had some real morality.  Shut down Insurance Companies and obstructionist Republicans.   We have seen the Republicans lie and mislead over and over again on TV during the so called debate for health reform.  And when they don't get their way they act like Juvenile delinquents.  I only see the face of Hitler when I see a Republican politician acting against the welfare of his fellow human beings.

As long as Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity and the others are on the air half the States will not get facts or truth or know what is good for them -- misinformation is reinforced by these racist demagogues who are in alignment with Limbaugh and other cretins -- paid political pundits of wrong.  At least if people listened to NPR and Moyers we'd have a chance for Truth and right activity.  To have Beck and others bandy around words like "Common Sense" is like a 4 year old hearing a word for the first time and saying it without knowledge of any inner meaning.

"Economic growth, in our culture, is inextricably linked with technological growth.  Individuals and institutions are mesmerized by the wonders of modern technology and have come to believe that every problem has a technological solution." -- Fritjof Capra.    He goes on to say: "The most dangerous manifestation of our hard, "macho" technology is the expansion of nuclear weapons, which amounts to the most expensive military boom in history.  By brainwashing the American public and effectively controlling its representatives, the military industrial complex has succeeded in extracting regularly increasing defense budgets that are used to design weapons to be employed in a science intensive war ten or twenty years from now (that would be now since this book was written over 30 years ago The Turning Point)

A third to half of America's Scientists and engineers work for the military using all their imagination and creativity to invent ever more sophisticated means for total destruction  --  laser communication systems, particle beams, and other complex technologies for computerized warfare in outer space."..."Moreover, the question of National Security is analyzed predominantly in terms of "power blocks," "action and reaction," "the political vacume," and similar Newtonian notions.

"He has won victory over himself," says the concluding line of George Orwell's grim novel, 1984.  "He loved Big Brother."  Just as hostages sometimes become fond of their abductors, we become attached to the factors that imprison us: our habits, customs, the expectations of others, rules, schedules, the state.  Why do we give our power away or never claim it at all?  Perhaps so that we can avoid decisions and responsibility.  We are seduced by pain avoidance, conflict avoidance. -- Marilyn Ferguson  Aquarian Conspiracy 1980.

Twenty years ago the Wall came down.  Many non-physical walls need to come down for American's (90% of us) to prosper again.  There is enough for all.  All we need is the political will.  I am proud to have contributed money to         Dennis Kucinich and Al Franken.  These are political allies for the vast lost middle class.  We need to get smart and run for office and keep our Soul once there.  11-10-09 (actual draft one)

-- Daniel Price  Copyright RG 11-11-09 (for release)