Coca Cola Trays

Collectibles/Memorabilia for sale -- Originals, real...

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Prices are $35.00 to $250.00 up each For these Coke Trays. For Sale
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Giant Coke Barrel (empty, used at shows)


Coca  Cola Trays for sale....all originals some duplication.
todaynov21003.jpg image by comiczar
Wooden Coke Crate $45.00 + shipping

1 available

(Insides might be older than outside)

other items available too:   inquire for scan price grade
Opened and unopened Coke bottles old and new Inquire. you cover shipping






No problems with this actually.   $350.00

  $85.00 coke bottle holder  




Coke bottles

nfs or offers

bib Coke weird item eh? Value ? 

Make offer.



Coke Phone $35.00 plastic


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