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Happy Hanukka, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy New Year

 by Rob Gustaveson

The addiction to WRONG.

We are addicted to bad politicians for it is all we know.  We are addicted to prescription drugs and we misuse God's herbs.  We are addicted to weaponry that kills innocent people we don't agree with in war.  We are addicted to fossil fuel and cheap low quality existence.  We are addicted to belief systems and TV and media propaganda.  We are addicted to bad relationships and unnutritious food, polluted air and water and excessive use of chemicals in them.  We are addicted to dull TV and film that rehash what has already been done.  We tell stories of political nonsense that we already lived through -- once was enough.  We don't learn from History and we retell it differently every time.  We are addicted to certain political families being in charge while rich corporations rape the Earth.   And our Societies.

What would the addiction of right look like?  What would a good addiction be?  An addiction to CORRECT for me.  Repentance of mob mentality to individual clarity = human.  That equals being a human being.  The addiction of correct would blend Gustav Tolle, Hicks/Abraham, Yogananda, Christ, Krishna, Buddha and the non-judgmental living of these States of Being in our daily living (with increased moment by moment awareness of what is and ever vigilant awareness).  To be part of this club you have to say every day:  I am a child of God and make a small effort to improve some part of your self.  To know thySelf.  To be the Soul in charge more than the subconscious.  An addiction to Love would be a good thing and more than a tune more even than a lifestyle it would be like the air we breath and a cup of tea we grow and blend as we choose with knowledge and awareness and yes new ritual tools of compassion, giving, service.  Tools of Meditation, Prayer, right thought and activity.

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