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Green Lantern 



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Joe Kubert DC war_comics

New Gods


Many thousands more available.


Wonder  Woman

s_u_p_e_r_m_a_n  modern

Superman silver_age

Jack Kirby

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Legion of Super Heroes see 3 videos below*

Swamp Thing DC

Hellblazer  (Constantine)



DC comics Silver Age

Silver Age + JLA, Flash, many DC comics  videos just below of my stuff for sale.

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green lantern flash comics Justice League America back issue high grade DC comics Justice League of America 2 superman modern 6b random superman and DC comics


star trek comics graphic-illusion star trek comics DC MARVEL MALIBU hellblazer sandman vertigo comics for sale Vigilante                 DC comics Silver Age 


more dc silverage comics dc silver age comics 2 Silver Age dc silver age comic books Adventure Comics and other DC's  Jack Kirby art in DC MARVEL PACIFIC misc. comics




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