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Sean Connery


James Bond 007

"Never Say Never Again"

With the cover, & 15 (Fifteen) B&W stills from the film and all the accoutrements that came with it such as:  Production Information, Biographical Features -- one for Sean Connery and one for Max Von Sydow & one for Barbara Carrera, plus Kim Bassinger & Bernie Casey, + Edward Fox, Temporary cast list.

Press Kit

Bends on outer jacket but not bad, all photos perfect.  Original, real, 1st and only print.  A gift to me.  Owned since issued.



James Bond 007 Never Say Never Again 

Large Full Color Lobbies

8 Full Color Lobby Cards $175.00 Set  
Popeye /  Robin Williams Large Full Color Lobbies 7 Full Color Lobby Cards

$20.00 Each


Billy Jack / Tom Laughlin

1 Lobby Card Full Color 




Clint Eastwood 


Press Kit

12 B&W Photos/Stills


6 Bios and stuff

Clint Eastwood 

Press Kit

10  B&W Photos/Stills


6 Bios and stuff



Albert Finney PRESS KIT

9 B&W Photos/Stills



Twice Upon A Time

 Press Kit

Animation $50 obo

Twice Upon A Time

Many B&W Stills /Photos/  originals


All are Originals


This stuff was acquired when I once owned a modest comic shop or worked for one; a few items were purchased at shows. Some Photos coming up will be ones I inherited from my Mom and Dad.  My Dad worked in the industry for 45 years.  Both my Mom and Dad were "Extra's."  Some will be of my parents in feature films they were in.

Twilight Zone

18 Stills John Landis to Scatman Crothers, Lithgow, K. Quinnlan, Spielberg, Vic Morrow, Joe Dante, Dan Aykroyd, Albert Brooks and many others. Just the stills $45.00

Twilight Zone

" " Whole Press Kit $50.00

Altered States

PRESS KIT includes 9 Beautiful B&W original stills

William Hurt, Blair Brown




John Denver

Oh God

B&W Still Original Glossy

Original with Teri Garr



Sean Connery


2 different B&W Stills

1974 Originals

 $25.00 Each

Zardoz   Full Color Still  Girl holding the Gem $20.00 obo

Robin Williams


B&W Still Original




The Stunt Man

Peter O'Tool

Unsigned B&W Still original



The Stunt Man

Peter O'Tool & Steve Railsback




The Stunt Man

Steve Railsback




The Stunt Man

Steve Railsback




Fame Antonia Franceschi     $10.00
The Munsters Pat Priest Signed buy her in front of me; B&W Glossy Print/Still Bought from her at comic con few years ago $25.00

Bill Cosby

B&W Glossy Still.

Signed.  The person said authentic autograph but not witnessed.

 Purchased 2nd hand at a show. Original.


Return of the Jedi Lobby Card Set


Full Color Original Rare    


1 B&W still







Indian In The Cupboard

5 stills  make offer    

First Knight

Sean Connery Richard Gere Julia Ormond 2 stills $10.00 each  

Jim Carrey Count Olif

$10 obo

Lost In Space Original Still From TV Show

Strange Color

Bill Mumy +++



Rock items for sale:



Janis Joplin Post-Card $150.00 Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco; WINTERLAND / FILLMORE WEST Original  

Superman II

Full Color Brochure Superman Souvenir

Mostly Photos



Film Comic Related



A Sound of THUNDER by Ray Bradbury



Large Oversize




Paid $50 make an offer


3 photos from First Knight -- 2 are showing you get them all

First Knight -- from, no doubt, a press kit. 

Sean Connery + Gere + Ormond. WOW.



Film magazine. $25.00



Superman Pin (old)

(logo there is no black background)


issued at the time of Death of Superman 1993 $25.00


Platinum Superman Pin (old)

Silver/Platinum (no black background)

Issued at the time of Death of Superman 1993 $50.00

pins are slightly smaller






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Comic Books Comic Art blb's books EC Golden Age Marvel DC homepage

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