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Rob Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535

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newsletter #1
Hi from Rob,
This is my first off ebay letter (in ten years) since things are not selling for me there at the moment and I did a lot of work listing Wolverine and X-men Comics and relisting other stuff like original comic art.  (Note: I buy old comics and Original Comic Art).
I have sold on Ebay for over 11 years.   When I first sold on Ebay I lived in & sold comics out of my Van for a year and a half  (after leaving the San Fernando Valley where I grew up and lived for 47 years) utilizing a local Library for an hour a day to list and check my Ebay sales; it was hard; the competition (a cult of in-crowd fellows to which I did not belong was already well in place who to this day no doubt still bid on each others stuff (meaning, because I am honest, I pay more to list).  It was a real survival need back then.  Finally after moving in with my gal I sold things that meant a lot to me (to pay my share of the rent). 
My life was looking through my comics in storage and if they eventually sold... to process them via USPS / Priority mail (using their free tape and boxes).
I had closed my bricks and mortar store of ten years (with over 250000 comics). 

(Previously to that) Here is an old article I wrote in 1996 when I closed my comic shop: 

Marvel and the comic book Industry & Stan Lee (Sort of a brief history of experiences and experiments).

I think ebay is about to get rid of the about me pages so here is a link to it (if they do I'll close my ebay store again perhaps forever.)

Tried to do a search today for my user name there graphic-illusion produced no results.  Last year I took in $30,000 this year so far just $50.00 so something is going on behind the scenes (again) and I can assume a small percentage is the economy may be a reason but also if you are not liked by someone inside the robot ebay you will not get the publicity you deserve, I feel think know.  We are all paying the same fees up front.  But ebay does unfair side deals with the wealthy.  I think it should be a democracy and not a monopoly.  A fair playing field that allows all to profit and benefit.  Ebay is my only income and therefore as they tighten the noose I must branch out again to my loyal past customers.  I should have been emailing you all along.

If there is comic art you want to buy I can meet with you in person in Sourthern Oregon or during Comic Con International July 23rd-26th in So. California or in Seattle where I visit my friends four times per year.  

I make a lot of websites and I hope you'll visit this one -- my main homepage.

I am a master at mail order and have done it for 43 years so far.

Bookmark it.  Also I have videos of my comics as urmzogna on youtube (Over a hundred comic and art videos so far of my stuff).

Stuff currently in my Ebay store is the easiest for me to access.  But this year I shall endeavour to get more organized so I can find what you may want more quickly.  I do buy and appreciate your sell lists of comics, art and fanzines.  Will trade my collectibles for Real Estate.  

I may phase the Ebay store out by the 1st so consider checking it out now.  May 21st -26th and possibly until June 8th I may travel.  Hope you all have a happy safe year. (Also I'll be at comic con this year from July 23rd to 26th but not with a table...willing to meet for lunch or dinner). (My current About Me page).

I do not hate ebay since ebay is just people.  I do not hate powersellers since I currently am one.  Hate shuts things down.  But I love my customers.  I love comics.  I love selling my comics and art.  And I buy comics and art.  I love the Earth.  I love the middle class and want stuff to be as valuable as it is. 

As ebay pretends to impove things... things I find valuable are taken away.  (Currently Skype is gone and the other items offered are not there that were there such as images and free promo at the bottom of the pages of stuff for sale). 

So know, please, I will keep my web pages alive and you can always buy directly from me.

I am a collector, reader, buyer and will sell and trade for what I want.  I inherited some money a few years ago so I am not struggling anymore.  I am happy and successful.  I want to share the wealth (of comics and art I have and am even now acquiring).  Talk to me soon.

Please stay in touch.  And thanks for your past and future business.

Sincerely, Rob Gustaveson (my current main email for transactions).  I accept paypal and checks and money orders.

(If you have received letters before of people pretending to be me or others they did not originate from me).  (Inquire further if interested or see link under spam).

(If you want no further emails please email me back saying so and I will not email my very occasional newsletter out to you again).  This was #1

Send me your wants! (this is the email from which future email/newsletters will most likely come).  Write here first.

As I get older I am slowing down a bit so be patient (especially until mid June)..  My skype # is 541-359-3674 leave a message (since I am anti phone but I will call you back).

I will start a new email probably just for those with whom I am in transaction.  As Marianne Williamson has said we can pray away the alleged swine flu.  And we can also pray for a better economy.  It is so if you believe it. 











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