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Superman Paperback- First printing May 1966, complete, SUPERMAN -- Including the story of how Superman began. Signet D2966; The scan does not do this item justice.  Yellowing/tanning inside but not brittle at all and very tight! Great shape. Minor wear looks a little dusty, ding top of spine. Paperback book. Small yet mighty! VG .   $20.00

Cheap copy of an expensive great old comic book

Adventure Comics #247 

(DC SILVER AGE CLASSICS ADVENTURE COMICS) This version was released in 1992 -- originally issued in 1958; First appeeeeeearence of the Legion of Super Heroes. This was printed at Sparta (I think)! DC comic. Reprint. High Grade. $15.00

Giant Sized X-men #1 

reprint $15.00 NM


Comic Book cheap high grade reprint:

Marvel Milestone Edition The Punisher 

Amazing Spider-man #129

High Grade. ExFine+++/NM+; THis one was reissued 1992 on slick baxter paper; silver border, Spider-man film is coming in May! People love the Punisher. This is a reprint of the 1st appearance of the Punisher. Original cover was $2.95 -- unread, unopened since issued. $14.50



Marvel Magazines


Painted covers and some interiors.

All issues have great color and gloss.

Great Elves, great adventure, spectacular art, fine artist John Buscema does the Cover which is painted.


Marvel Super Special ('s)

#11, #12, #13!

Peter Ledger, John Buscema, Rudy Nebres

Warrior's Of The Shadow Realm

Marvel Super Special's # 11, 12, 13 -- a set!


Tolkein, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter fans check this out:  This is an extraordinary set from my personal collection.

The original first printings in magazine format of WeirdWorld -- WARRIORS OF THE SHADOW REALM Marvel Super Special ('s) #11, #12, #13! Nice shape.

Here you'll receive the whole beautiful set:  ALL 3 PARTS!!! Part 1, 2 and 3! (1979) All full color with great art and stories!  Great detail!

Magazine format!  Every Panel Would Make A Great T-Shirt! $45.00 Set


WARRIORS OF THE SHADOW REALM Marvel Super Special #11 (Says right on the front cover of this magazine In The Tradition of Tolkein).  Fine/Very Fine Condtion!   Contains a 3 page fold out.

WARRIORS OF THE SHADOW REALM Marvel Super Special #12 (Cover is by Nebres, Ledger and Buscema!!!) (slight bends middle - right of cover, and bottom yet still vibrant colors; Fine or better--Looks Nice.) AWESOME COLORING!!!;  Has a three page Fold Out .

WARRIORS OF THE SHADOW REALM Marvel Super Special #13 VF again a giant three page foldout comes with the magazine --  inserted in it.


Comic Book

Justice League America #69 Superman's funeral issue; Doomsday "Death of superman" storyline continues. (Looks VG++/Fine or better nice gloss and color; DC FIRST PRINTING newstand version; Dan Jurgens, Rick Burchett).  1992.  $20.00

Many of the other Death of Superman & Funeral for a friend Comic Books are still in stock.  Inquire, High Grade.  Death of Superman #1 Newstand in NM $10.00 (sale) 1st print


Old small paperback



 Edgar Rice Burrough's PB:

Savage Pellucidar!


Frazetta Cover "Savage Pellucidar" ERB -- Paperback Ace, Complete and Unabridged. Burroughs. F-280 (This was released in 1963) (Some yellowing but looks nice and is otherwise feels tight, wear). Complete. Great Frazetta Cover and frontispiece.  $15.00

Click cover for other Frazetta pb's




Conan PB #2 


Barry Windsor Smith


Paperback Books

Conan PB's  by Barry Windsor Smith

#1 $24.95

#4 $15.00

#5 $15.00




Conan PB #3

Barry Windsor Smith art  $15.00


Tales From The Crypt 1 ec

Frazetta cover


paperback (pb) nice shape, stamp inside


Comic strips!!!

VG+/Fine Ballentine 1965 2nd Print


The Vault of Horror  ec


B&W Comic Strips of old ec's

1st print Ballentine 1965 VF $40.00

Ray Bradbury Tomorrow Midnight

ec B&W comic book form 

in Paperback


al williamson, wood, elder, orlando, kamen, severin 1st print Ballantine 1966 VG+/Fine $40.00
Tales of the Incredible

B&W Comic Strips

2nd print 1965, stamped inside VG


Ballantine Strange wear bottom of book but looks high grade at first glance, yellowing



Ray Bradbury's Autumn People

B&W Comic Strips

Must see the great EC art within



1965 1st print $40.00

Mad Paperbacks


10 very very nice  pb's

minor wear

+ 3 tattered badly pb's In pieces

not showing


Playboy Dec 1957

Harvey Kurtzman Article


great ec stuff

Harvey Kurtzman's HELP pb nice Comic Strips & photo fun B&W Gold Medal $20.00
  images on another page... see my ec page located at my home page
The Best of  Creepy pb nice comic strips Tempo Books B&W interior $15.00



Steve Ditko

Marvel 1966, wear, vg+, B&W PB, Pure Steve Ditko including the 1st one; great, Hot.



1st ever Spider-man PB

  I accept checks and money orders.

And also all credit cards via PayPal


 Comic Books and related items (worth owning and enjoying forever)....


  Paper Mountain Comics


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