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Superman Classic #161 Dist. by So Much Fun Inc.

Note:  I use Overstreet as a comic book price guide & also Wizard + CBG, PMC, cgc, CVM, ebay and other sources to see certain sales and pricing trends for comics and collectibles.

*Forty one  years experience selling, grading, hoarding & reading comics*  References.  Sales are as is but if ever a problem arises will work with you.

grade * promote * create

 books - art - comics - paper - metal - jewelry 

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Price is for one comic book. 10% off or better on orders over $50.00. Reduced shipping for multi purchases...1st comic ships for $2.35 additional wins in same order .30 cents each or less (or exact cost). I confirm all mail for free. Shipped via 1st class. 

My comics from 1980's on were never displayed at shows or my shop; these were the highest grade possible...hand picked by me from 100's of copies before offering the public other copies (also quite MINT).*   Free bag and board.

HIGH GRADE= NM/NM+/Mint/Pristine ONE OWNER (me -- bought en mass while owner of the now defunct Ninth Nebula the complete comic book store 1986-1996; carefully chosen by me when issued from many copies) UNREAD; complete, 1st print, DC comics. Free bag and board. 

Hi regarding many of these comics:  I bought a few copies when issued from distributor Capital City when I once owned the comic store: NINTH NEBULA (for 10 years where I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in CA 1986--1996)...never displayed at shows or my shop these were the highest grade possible...hand picked by me and bagged and boarded*

Bought comics when they were .10 cents!  Felt the first .02 cent increase.

Graphic Illusion

art, books, comics

I specialize in:  Comic Books,  Original Comic Art, Rare Books...& stuff.  

The recent unwarranted attack by ebay on sellers with stores has caused me to close my cost me over $100,000.00 in lost revenue.-- Do you know how long it took to list 1000+ items? May the truth will out as to why Ebay did this. My guess is it's relationship with the rich comic dealers -- Ebay is elitist and caters to the wealthy....We have been betrayed.  Get mad as hell. Awaken. Respond.

Graphic Illusion.  

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What I am was offering is (was) a mixture of duplicates and my one of a kind high grade personal collection of comics & art  and other items. 

Hope you find something you are looking for. 

This material cannot be found in just any grocery store you know. 

Comics make great reference material & teach business, art and writing skills.  Plus they entertain the eye and mind.

I've been selling, promoting & accurately grading comics for 41 years.  (In fact as a kid my first "real" job was probably working for Collector's Bookstore in Hollywood.)

 I owned my first comic & bookstore in 1978 in Ocean Park, CA ("Beyond Illusion").   

I owned the super ultra cosmic magical comic shop:

Ninth Nebula from 1986 to 1996.  

I held over 200 autograph parties with comic & SF professionals (artists and writers, including several with Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Dave Stevens, Paul Smith, George Clayton Johnson, Harlan Ellison, Steve Gerber, Marty Pascoe, Sergio Aragones and others (Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steve Barnes). 

I had two interviews published in Comics Journal (one with Roy Thomas and one with Gerry Conway).   Mailed CJ my Barry Windsor Smith interview tapes but never saw that interview appear.  Though my Gerry Conway interview was recently reprinted by the Journal.

I managed of a chain of comic stores, owned  two stores (at different times) and threw a comic book  convention.

My collection of old comics appeared on the front page of Burbank Daily Leader Newspaper along with my article on comics in 1985. My advertisements appeared in RBCC and Comic Buyer's Guide when they began. 

I threw 19 comic cons.  

I am a private party off loading my old store stock & personal collection.  

(I sell comics, original comic art (I want to share my abundance of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, SPIDER-MAN, FF, Daredevil, Hulk, and X-MEN   comics with you now).   I have these in mass quantity and high grade... And comics from all companies DC, Pacific, EC, First, Eclipse, Fantagraphics, Darq Force, image, valiant, independent comics, silver age, golden age, big little book's, pulps original art,  fiction house...and more.

I published 4 fanzines from 1965-1971 (Beyond Infinity, Eon & Graphic Illusions; and I just put out a new fanzine in 2001 entitled Graphic Illusion (no "s") last year -- copies still available (inquire). 

Hey join my FANZINE GROUP at YAHOO! 

I started selling on Ebay's auction site when I first moved to Seattle about 8 years ago.  Now I have left Seattle.

I have tons of comics ((40-50,000 back issues I think -- reduced from 200,000 to highest grade and quality)), vintage clothes, antiques, real and costume jewelry, books and magazines).  And 99% of my comics are  Near Mint to Mint --  high grade.  I have tons from the 60's--70's!  Bagged & boarded.  Many from the 1950's too.  This stuff will appear on Ebay.

I have studied web design for the last 9+ years and graphic design for 40 years.  Was a member of Capa-Alpha (the elite comic apa zine club) as a kid.  

Thanks for visiting & buying or bidding!

Thanks for reading my auction ads and ordering from me. 


I accept checks and money orders.

I also accept all credit cards through PayPal

 and electronic transfers.  Sorry no cash through mail only in person!!!

All my comics & STUFF are left over from personally collecting and reading and caring for them;   and from owning two comic shops and throwing 19 mini comic cons prior to 1996.  

Satisfaction guaranteed (that is if item is not as advertised)  your money is fully refunded.

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paper-mountain-comics* grades my comics.  

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