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Healing Modalities with Beloved


Beloved's Bodywork:

Beloved has studied many healing modalities including: Reiki, Absushan Ka, therapeutic touch, reflexology, and deep tissue massage. Her bodywork is intuitive based on knowledge and wisdom stemming from healing herself through the I AM Presence.   Beloved has studiesd and utilized nature, meditation, Beloved's Bodywork, yoga, nutrition, prayer, positive affirmations, mantras, forgiveness, essential oils, the violet flame and the assistance of ascended masters and angels as well as many other things!  

Beloved invokes her I AM Presence and the violet flame at the beginning of each session also utilizing Ascended Masters, Archangels, teacher and guides. The Violet Flame transmutes, dissolves and  consumes all karma and anything and everything that doesn't serve the highest good.  The Violet Flame causes ascension and ultimate freedom. Each healing session is unique according to the recipient's issues and needs.  

Raindrop Therapy:

The raindrop technique combines the science of aroma technique with the techniques of vita flex, reflexology, massage, and more.  Raindrop Therapy is the application of essential oils.   These are applied on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment.  Raindrop Therapy is designed to bring balance to the body.

Mother nature is the healer.  Her plants are medicine designed to heal us.  Essential oils are extremely powerful.  Essential Oils are the most potent and quickest way to receive the healing medicine of the plants.  Essential oils oxygenate and deliver nutrients to the cells (disease is lack of oxygen).  

I use 9 different oils such as oregano, basil, thyme, wintergreen, peppermint and others.  The oils are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and release emotional trauma in the spine. I also apply a hot towel to aid deep penetration of the oils and is extremely relaxing and healing!  Ask me about amazing healing stories utilizing the raindrop technique!


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Rising Star Healing Modality:

The Rising Star is probably the most complimentary healing system on planet at this time. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the field around every living thing.  The rising star allows the practitioner and the receiver to still the mind and transfer divine life energy to the part of your being that needs it the most for your healing and rebalancing to full health.  Because of this and because Rising Star works on so many different levels at once.   A person receiving it, for example who has a bad back, may find that they are freed from that and other unknown illnesses as well.  This is because Rising Star works on all levels.  Rising Star works on the mind, the physical, and the spiritual.  It is as if the healing energy knows precisely where it is needed most (sometimes not to the place you think is best.)  Rising Star goes where it will do the most good for your overall well-being.  You can find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends.  When you change so do all around you.  This is based on the fact that we are all connected and not separate.  Rising Star is so simple yet so powerful when being done by the practitioner.   It merely takes the willingness for you to want to heal.  Rising Star works on the five elements fire, water, air, earth and ether.

Three sessions are recommended.  Why?  Many people are in their head too much with monkey mind and so don't relax very deeply.  It can take time to trust and let go.  People like to control things and usually react unconsciously or subconsciously.   

By the 2nd session you will know what to expect and will feel much more relaxed.   As the mind lets go of control deeper issues can be looked at and dealt with by you with the loving help of the angels.  This brings the healing to a new level.  

The 3rd session is where every part of your being is filled with love and light.   You are now ready to let go of the issue or disease.  This is not to say you can't let go sooner.  This session can go so deeply that great changes may happen in your life and a clearer awareness in life begins to emerge for you.  More joy, love and peace will  enter your life.

There is a 3 week gap between sessions to allow the energy to work on the 7 major energy points (chakras) of your body.  The aura system will clear 3 times.  Starting from the head and working down to the base of the spine and back to the head and finally to the base again to connect you to mother earth.



Rebirthing is a powerful, safe and gentle breathing technique which releases stress from the body and increases your energy level for the purpose of experiencing more pleasure in your life.  In a rebirthing session a professionally trained rebirther guides your breath in a manner that increases the level of oxygen in your body.  This increases your energy.  The increased levels of oxygen stimulate the body's natural ability to cleanse itself.   About 70% of the bodies toxins are eliminated through breathing.   It supports us to learn to breathe freely and fully.  Rebirthing also raises the blood's alkaline level.  This is a result sought by many health care professionals.  Other substantial benefits of rebirthing are it releases stored emotions from the body and accesses the part of the brain that stimulates memory.   By learning to breathe consciously one is able to uncover and release limiting thought patterns from the past. Becoming consciously aware of patterns or undesirable habits is the first step to change. 

To Contact Beloved

808-283-2906, 541-846-7525       

Prices vary according to recipient's needs, trades possible.

Divine Sacred Healing Music of Pure Love


Beloved's CD:   Love Incarnate  

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